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Welcome to Grace Church, Millbrook
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Grace Church Mailing Address
P.O. Box 366, 3328 Franklin Avenue
Millbrook, New York 12545

Tel: P 845.677.3064, F 845.677.3134

Welcome to Grace Church, Millbrook

It is said that church doors are painted red to indicate that here is a sanctuary, a place of safety, hallowed ground. Red is the color of the Holy Spirit—the spirit of love, the power of life and the call to follow Jesus and serve the world. So red is the color of the front door here.

As you enter the church, you will see straight ahead of you a baptismal font and beautiful blue rose window. Looking around at the distinctive brickwork and half-timber interior, your eye will be drawn toward the cross behind the altar. The wood pews and stained glass are traditional, in keeping with an Episcopal Church rooted in sacramental and liturgical worship. Prayers have been made and answered here; there is a sense of the sacred—a sense of presence of the living God. This church was built in 1901, the third Grace Church in 150 years of Christian service in this place—and still going strong! We are glad you have come.

For a church is much more than a building; it is a people. And the people of Grace Church Millbrook come from all over the region, children, youth, adults and elders, rich and poor and in between, across lines that are drawn to divide us, toward the unity that is the body of Christ, the beloved community.

If you are seeking God in your life, the church is open for prayer and meditation, and spiritual counseling by the clergy is freely offered; there is a mid-week service of Eucharist and healing prayer. If you looking for a community of friends who follow the Way of Jesus, there are fellowship groups for women and men, a youth group for teenagers, and seasonal parish events. If you feel called to do your bit to change the world, we reach beyond these walls in a variety of ways.

Our mission statement sums it up. Here at Grace:

We worship God, learn from Christ, love one another and work together to transform lives and participate in God’s mission of reconciliation and new creation.

Come on in and join us!