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Other Ministries & Fellowship Ministries
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Other Ministries & Fellowship Ministries

Sunday School

You may want to become involved with Sunday school and confirmation class if you enjoy working with children or teens. Volunteers serve in various capacities in the Sunday School program.  Some teach classes, either individually or as members of teams.  Some lead singing and music with the children.  Some are aides in classes.  Some come in to teach a special lesson or do a special activity with the kids. There are opportunities for all levels of involvement in Sunday school.  If you would like to be part of the Sunday school program, please contact the church office at

Youth Group

The youth group will meet the third Sunday of each month. Previous trips have included visits to St. John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan for the Procession of the Ghouls on Halloween, and Night Watch in the spring;  apple picking in the fall, the movies, bowling, and roller skating.

The Youth Group also serves at the Lunch Box in Poughkeepsie monthly. The Lunch Box is a program managed by Dutchess Outreach of Dutchess County. They provide hot meals to thousands of Dutchess County Residents.  The Youth Group is for children ages 12 – 18 years of age.

Women of Grace

Women of Grace meet twice a month.  On the second Wednesday of the month they meet at 7 p.m. in the church for either Evening Prayer or Compline. This meeting provided our members with “much-needed tranquility in the midst of a fast-paced, crazy world”. They pray for their families and friends, and for those in the parish who have asked for prayers. Each month, on the fourth Wednesday, they meet at 6:30 p.m., either at the Parish House or at a member’s home to share a potluck meal and to enjoy community fellowship. Once or twice a year, they read and discuss a book; topics have ranged from the lives of biblical woman to books about spiritual guidance. All women of the parish are welcome to join whether you wish to attend regularly or occasionally. If you would like to receive an email with information about our activities each month, please contact Debbi Cody at


You may want to be part of Men@Grace if you are a man who enjoys cooking and/or sharing food and discussion with others. Men@Grace meet on the second Friday of the month for a meal (members take turns cooking, and the food is fabulous) and discussion.  Men@Grace support other ministries of Grace Church in various capacities: physical, financial, and prayerful. The Men@Grace organize and run the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper annually. Men of all ages are welcome. If you would like to be part of Men@Grace, please contact John Lacey at

Adult Education

You may want to be part of an adult education offering if you would like to learn more about our faith tradition alongside other adults.  Adult education offerings are always changing in response to the needs and gifts of the community.  If you are interested in teaching a class, or if there is a topic you would especially like to see covered, please contact Father Matt at (845) 677-3064.

Community of Hope

You may want to take the Community of Hope training if you want to improve your caring and listening skills, and if you feel called to a ministry of pastoral care.  The Community of Hope is a three-month lay pastoral caregiver training.  Participants learn how to be prayerful caregivers to others and are certified at the end of the course as lay pastoral caregivers who can then make pastoral visits both within the parish and without.  The Community of Hope training is held every other year, and members of other local churches are most welcome to participate.  Once the initial three-month training is finished, Community of Hope graduates are invited to participate in the Circle of Care, a continued opportunity for fellowship and learning with this group.  If you would like to take the Community of Hope training, please contact the church office at

Prayer Shawl Ministry

For this ministry parishioners knit or crochet shawls while praying for the person who receives it. When complete the shawls are blessed by a priest. Then shawls are available t be given out to those on the parish prayer list or anyone who needs to be wrapped in God’s love. The work of the prayer shawl ministry carries on quietly behind the scenes, diligently spreading grace where it is needed most. Shawls are always left at the back of the church for those in need. If you would like to help with this ministry please contact Katherine Mustello at 845-266-8025 or

Prayer Shawl Crochet Pattern

Prayer Shawl Knitting Pattern

Fundraising Committee

You may want to join the fundraising committee if you are a creative person, have organizational skills, or would simply like to be involved in any fundraising activities.  The fundraising committee plans and coordinates fundraising events and activities. Recent fundraising activities have included our annual golf tournament and gala dinner, a Christmas cookie sale, a rummage sale, and a holiday bazaar and craft sale. If you would like to join the committee, or if you would like to help with any of the fundraising events, please contact Pam Freeman at (845) 635 8504 or

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings & Grounds Committee maintains all church property under the overall supervision of the Rector and the Wardens. This ministry is responsible to see the following done:

  • Repairing and up keeping all buildings on the property and performing an annual inspection.
  • Developing plans for the expansion/renovation of all facilities; and
  • Keeping the Rector and the Vestry fully apprised of ongoing and planned efforts.
  • Preparing and submitting a budget to the finance committee for inclusion in the Budget.
  • Please contact Bill Hogan at if you would like to help with this committee or you have special talents such as woodworking or painting.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Rector and the Vestry in all financial matters regarding the management of trust and other permanent funds, securities, and other assets; adequacy and application of income; and the adequacy of insurance. This ministry is responsible for Investigating and making recommendations to the Vestry concerning such financial matters, policies and procedures as the Vestry may direct; Collecting data, including sources of income and disbursements, for the coming fiscal year to facilitate the preparation of an Operating Budget; Providing periodic reviews of the current Operating Budget and making recommendations for mid-year corrections, as necessary; Ensuring that the financial books are audited as required by Diocesan Canon requirements.

Managing endowment funds, if any, to ensure they are subject to good stewardship and are used for the purposes intended.

Submitting an Operating Budget to the Vestry for approval at the November Vestry meeting to be present at the Annual Parish meeting of the coming year. Please contact Larry Graham (Chairperson) if you would like to help with this committee.

Sunday School and Youth Fellowship Council

The Sunday School and Youth Fellowship council works with, and assists the Rector and/or the Director of Children and Youth ministries in developing Christian education programs that meet the needs of the children and youth in the parish and the community. The council meets at regular intervals to evaluate, brainstorm, and support the children and youth programs and curriculum. Some members are active participants in teaching Sunday School. The council also works with the Rector and the Director of Children and Youth Ministries to prepare a calendar of events to assist in the spiritual growth of the children. If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry please contact Father Matt at (845) 677-3064.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee works with the Rector and the Vestry to develop the concept that stewardship is a reflection of our spiritual relationship to God. This ministry is responsible for:

  • Providing programs designed to address the various aspects of stewardship throughout the year, e.g teaching about stewardship, fundraisers for the church, pledge drives, raise and train lay leaders, organize community bonding events etc.
  • Utilizing a variety of formats in presenting the stewardship message, e.g. Adult education series, preaching series, book study, etc.
  • Involving other Church groups, committees, and outreach programs to the extent necessary, in the work of stewardship, e.g creating the platform to share the testimonies of outreach ministries like lunch box program, Latino ministries, Prayer shawls etc.
  • Preparing and submitting a budget for Stewardship programs to the Finance Committee for inclusion in the Budget.