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Take the Bible Challenge

Have you always wanted to know more about the Bible, the central sacred scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition and a massively influential part of western and world history and culture?

This is your chance.

Take the Bible Challenge and join others in the congregation and community in reading all or part of the Bible in the new year. There is a sign up sheet at the back of the church or email Fr. Matt at

The Rev. Marek Zabriskie started The Center for Biblical Studies in his home church in Pennsylvania some years ago. They undertook to practice regular reading of scripture—and found it really impacted the spiritual vitality of their congregation. They spread the good word and now hundreds of Episcopal and other congregations have joined the program. You can read all about it at You can watch our Presiding Bishop praise its benefits on youtube.

And if you sign up, you will get free of charge A Journey with Luke. The publisher describes the book this way:

A masterful storyteller with the compassion of a physician, Luke paints a picture of Jesus as healer, full of mercy, forgiveness, and love. The Gospel of Luke features the lovely Magnificat, Mary’s love song to God, and the nativity story heard in Christmas pageants around the world. Luke includes three parables not heard in any other gospel: the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and the unjust judge. Luke, also believed to be the author of the book of Acts, emphasizes prayer as central to the life of faith.

Join the journey with Luke with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, and prayers written by dynamic spiritual leaders from around the world. A Journey with Luke is part of a series of fifty-day Bible studies and is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with the Word of God.

We are reading Luke in our weekly Bible study group that meets after the Weds morning healing prayer service. If you would like to take part in this group, or help to start another, let us know. It is up to you to read the whole Bible in a year or select parts to focus on. The important thing is to get started. So make this a New Year’s resolution. Transform your life. And together we can change the world.