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Millbrook, New York 12545

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Millbrook at Home Mixer

                    MILLBROOK AT HOME
an exploration into the “aging in place” movement

Thanks to everyone who completed the needs assessment survey that was sent out to 1,800 residents in the Town of Washington last month. This was an attempt by our four main churches in the Millbrook area, to get a sense of how our senior community is doing and anticipated needs as we move towards creating an independent 501 c3 charitable organization.

We plan to have monthly meetings and increase our visibility as spring allows more engagement and events. We are hoping to create a regular FIRST FRIDAY of the month local gathering and expand our mailing list and update an events calendar. This will begin May 4th at 12 noon.

In the meantime, please come to GRACE CHURCH for a wine and cheese mixer and a report on the findings of the survey. We will gather at the Rectory at 7 p.m. on WEDNESDAY 28th MARCH. We hope to announce some important findings and seek your support in finding ways to meet these unmet needs.

GRACE CHURCH, 3328 Franklin Ave, Millbrook, NY 12545

Sponsored by St. Peter’s Lithgow, Lyall Memorial Federated, St. Joseph’s Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic and Grace Churches.

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