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Engaging People in Change
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Engaging People in Change

EPIC’s  Wish List 

As you’re looking ahead to the holiday season, please keep EPIC in mind for your giving. We’re the newest youth leadership program in the area, and we’d be happy to give a home to new and used items that you’re looking to give away. For details on monetary gifts towards a specific effort, please contact Fr Matt at (203) 216-2287.

  • *comfy furniture*- a couch, a coffee table, lamps, small bookcase
  • art supplies- markers, colored pencils, paints, scissors, watercolor paper
  • fun supplies- stickers, magnets
  • activist supplies- duct tape, push pins,
  • yummy packaged snacks for the van and our trips 
  • sleeping bags, air mattresses, and foldable mattresses for overnights
  • non-perishable food for our meals
  • anything else that might serve our program! got a whiteboard laying around? or a super cool collapsible chair? or a book that was inspirational for you as a teenager? or an electric kettle so we could make tea in our office? If you’d like to share something with EPIC that’s not on this list, please contact Abby at 206 963 2689 or and she’ll let you know if we’ll be able to make use of it 

Abby Nathanson

Program Director

EPIC: Engaging People in Change

(206) 963-2689 

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