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Community Preschool at Grace
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Grace Church Mailing Address
P.O. Box 366, 3328 Franklin Avenue
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Community Preschool at Grace

Millbrook Community Preschool at Grace

Explore. Create. Connect. Grow.

A Newly Refurbished Space

Grace Preschool News Article

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a fully refurbished premises in Spring
2017. This comes on the heels of our major playground expansion and upgrade
last spring. Our school is now home to state-of-the-art children’s furniture and
play equipment. Newly imagined and professionally designed roomscapes now
incorporate brand new:

● Children’s Cloak Room

● Children’s Library

● Expanded Dramatic Play Area

● Construction Play Zone (with oversized building blocks)

● Art Studio

We anticipate a renewed interest in our program and increased demand for
placements in September 2017. Don’t delay! Call today to make an appointment
to visit. Spring enrollments will be considered.

About Us

Millbrook Community Preschool at Grace Church was established ten years ago in the heart of the village, and has been setting a standard of excellence in early childhood education ever since. We are a traditional morning preschool with age specific programming for 3-4 year olds and kindergarten bound 4-5 year olds.

We offer an inclusive, open, non-denominational preschool program based on the beautiful grounds of Grace
Church. We operate from a spacious premises downstairs in the historic Grace Church Parish House, and have designated rooms and spaces for circle and instructional time, snack and art, as well as the following learning centers,which are open daily: dramatic play room, fine motor and manipulative work room, library, clay modeling center, water table, sand table, block and construction zone, train table, and easel. We have an oversized playground with a pirate ship, and new, state of the art gross motor equipment which incorporate elements of climbing, balancing, spinning. We also have daily access to a large hall area for big play activity, such as indoor trike and scooter riding.

Our weekly curriculum includes music and movement classes. Our experienced and passionate teaching staff is committed to whole child approach to learning, and instilling in each child a sense of belonging and worth, while reinforcing self-help skills and supporting growing independence.


Our school is underpinned by a philosophy which sees children as open and eager learners whose potential is best realized through the medium of play. As such, we believe that preschool aged children should sing, dance, imagine, paint, bake, and laugh their way to kindergarten. The early years should be fun, hands on, and when necessary,messy. We stand by this approach. At a time when the notion of academics is becoming more and more prevalent in the early learning classroom, we stand by the paramount importance of play. Young children learn best not under pressure and to prescribed standards, but when the environment is setup to promote intuitive, self-led exploration and discovery. Play is not an impediment to kindergarten readiness. Rather, it is the developmentally appropriate pathway for children to begin a life of joyful learning.

This goal is achieved through a combination of self directed and teacher led activities, and through a curriculum that promotes language development, emerging numeracy, prereading and prewriting skills. The curriculum is a theme based program which exposes students to explorations of science, art, literature, music, and the diverse and culturally rich world around them – all in a hands on way. Opportunities for imaginative play abound. We excel at creative programming for young children, and strive to fill each day full of excitement, wonder and joy. A walk to collect leaves and examine their patterns may lead to a printmaking session. Numeracy is reinforced through cooking and baking projects. A costume parade through the village at Halloween gives the children the thrill of shouting ‘boo!’ to our neighbors, and a connection to community… but it’s just pure fun. When studying the polar regions, we will experiment with ice sculpture and hold Inuit art. On a bitter winter day, we might have a pajama party and make flapjacks, or create a bear den to play in as we explore hibernation. Groundhog Day might be celebrated by making a shadow puppet theater. In the spring, we witness the wonder of metamorphosis with live butterfly gardens. Our teachers are hands on and committed to playing alongside the children. We do not sit back. When it snows, we put on our snow-clothes, and with the children, jump in.

Enrichment opportunities and strong links to the community deepen the impact of these experiences on young minds. Whether through a visit from a local farmer, a walking trip to the Firehouse to learn about fire safety, or a jaunt to Merritt Bookstore to meet a children’s author, hosting a visit from our animal friends at the Trevor Zoo, or planting up our garden with our Master Gardener friends as the Cornell Cooperative, we exploit every opportunity our village and community has to offer. We incorporate the notion of service into our curriculum through endeavors like Food Pantry Drives, and holiday Carol Singing for the seniors in our community. Families, as well as younger siblings are always invited along for special occasions. We believe that this ability to connect strengthens our sense of family and community, and makes our program totally unique.

Chapel Program

While our curriculum is not faith based, families can elect, if they wish, to take advantage of a short preschool chapel program hosted by the Reverend Matt Calkins for 15 minutes every Wednesday. This includes songs, prayers and stories with a Christian theme, with a focus on being kind to each other, and our earth. Special events include the Blessing of the Animals ceremony, where children are invited to bring along their family pets, or favorite stuffed animals. Extension opportunities include participation in the Church’s Annual Nativity Play, where preschoolers can play lambs or angels to celebrate the Christmas season.

Family Partnership

Families are viewed as partners in education. This translates to an openness to participating in your child’s learning experience. Family members are welcome to come and tell or read a favorite story, or a share a secret family recipe. They may teach a song, game, family tradition with our school. Additionally, we are proud to have an active parent representative committee which coordinates special events for our children, in collaboration with the school and in support of its curriculum.

Scholarship Program

With the generous support of the Dyson Foundation, Grace Church seeks to extend access to excellent, affordable preschool to children in our community with families in need of support. The Church recognizes and seeks to support the most needy, as well as struggling middle income families. Full and partial scholarships are available. If you or someone you know has a child that would benefit preschool but cannot meet the cost, please contact the Director. The process is respectful, confidential, supportive, and minimally intrusive.

El ‘Millbrook Comunidad Preescolar’ en la Iglesia de la Gracia ha estado proporcionando excelentes oportunidades de aprendizaje temprano para niños por 10 años. Las inscripciones ya están llevando a cabo para el año 2017-2018 la escuela para niños de 3-5 años de edad. El programa de la mañana corre 9: 00-12: 00 de lunes a viernes.. A través del juego, los niños exploran la ciencia, el lenguaje, la música y el movimiento, el arte, la cultura y la cocina en pequeñas clases dirigidas por profesores experimentados y dedicadas. La investigación demuestra que los niños que experimentan un programa preescolar entran al kindergarten más confiado, feliz y preparados para el éxito. Iglesia de la Gracia quiere ayudar a las familias con esta oportunidad para sus hijos. Becas completas y parciales están disponibles. El proceso de solicitud es simple, y la ayuda está disponible para las familias que necesitan ayuda con las formas. Por favor llame o por correo electrónico hoy!

2017-2018  Tuition Rates

For the 2017-2018 year, our program will run on a Monday-Friday schedule, from 9 a.m. – 12 noon. There are scheduling options for 3-5 days per week. In some cases, a 2 day week can be arranged. Please speak to the director. Our tuition rates are:

$195 per month 2 days per week

$290 per month 3 days per week

$352 per month 4 days per week

$425 per month 5 days per week


Enrollment for the fall is currently open. Class sizes are limited and fill quickly. Tuition is divided into 10 monthly payments and is due at the first of each month. All children entering the program must be potty trained. To secure a place for your child for the 2017-2018 academic year, please contact the Program Director, Deborah Coconis (see below).

Call today to learn more about our programs, arrange a tour and play date for your little one, and request an
enrollment pack. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

phone: (845) 677-5325 school extension

Millbrook Community Preschool
Grace Church Parish House
PO Box 568, 3328 Franklin Avenue
Millbrook, New York 12545