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Liturgical Ministries

Lay Servers


You may want to be an usher if you enjoy meeting new people and you want to welcome people to Grace Church. The usher is the first person newcomers meet. These people arrive early to greet arriving worshippers, pass out bulletins, collect the offering, and tidy up the church after the congregation has gone. Complete instructions are in a folder on the bench at the back of the church. If you wish to take a copy home, call the office for one. Ushers can be families, individuals, and couples. There is usually one usher at the 7:30 service, and a family or two ushers at the 10:00. Ushers are scheduled on a rotating basis. If you would like to be an usher, please contact Maria Galli at

Chalice Bearers

You may want to be a chalice bearer if you want to share the sacrament of the Eucharist with others. Chalice bearers distribute the consecrated (blessed) wine during communion. Chalice bearers wear vestments (robes) at both services. They also read the lessons, lead the prayers, and assist the celebrant in preparing for communion. During the distribution of communion, the priest gives out the bread, and the chalice bearers give out the wine saying “the blood of Christ, the cup of salvation.” If you would like to be a chalice bearer, please contact Maria Galli at


You may want to be a reader if you enjoy speaking in front of people and appreciate the wisdom of the Scriptures. Readers read the lessons assigned for the day. There is usually one reader scheduled for each morning service. If you would like to be a reader, please contact Maria Galli at


You may want to be a server if you would like a small, though important, role in the service. Servers represent the entire congregation as they present the gifts of bread and wine at the altar during the offering. This is a wonderful way to start public service in the church. There are only servers at the 10:00 service, as the ushers are servers at the 7:30 service. The ushers will train you on your assigned day. If you would like to be a server, please contact Maria Galli at


You may want to be an acolyte if you are a young person who is good at both leading and serving. The word acolyte means to follow. In the procession at the beginning of the service, the acolyte carries the cross, following the cross. Acolytes are followers of the cross of Christ. Acolytes light the candles, lead the procession, carry the Gospel book, collect the offering, and help prepare communion. Acolyte trainings are held periodically, and anyone in fifth grade or older is invited to attend. Acolytes serve at the 10:00 service. If you would like to be an acolyte, please contact the Maria Galli at

Altar Guild

You may want to join the altar guild if you enjoy working with textiles and/or flowers. The altar guild prepares the altar and arranges the flowers for every service that takes place in the church, including weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Members of the altar guild change and clean the linens used in services, care for communion vessels, and generally prepare the church for worship. The altar guild meets periodically throughout the year. If you would like to join the altar guild, please contact altar guild director Jean Hayes at


We are proud of our wonderful choir who sing every week at our 10am service under the expert and enthusiastic direction of our music director, Dr. Peter Muir. We rehearse once a week, on Sundays, immediately before the 10am service, and we welcome you to join, regardless of skill, or level of experience. “Shower singers” welcome! Our members range from children to seniors who come together to sing God’s praises in a friendly, judgment-free atmosphere. If you think you may be interested in joining us, Dr. Muir would be delighted to hear from you – phone him on 845 677 5871, or email, or just talk with him after our 10am service. See our choir giving a stirring performance of Haydn’s powerful Insanae et Vanae Curae.